Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lunch on a Banana Leaf

Lauren and I spent the day yesterday trying to find an Indian dance class! I took my first rickshaw by myself to get to her house. For sure, got SO lost. I can never EVER again make fun of anyone directionally...I still haven't figured out how to get around here! Haha!

We took Chris and Libby's driver to take us to the class....too bad it turned out to be for 7-13 year olds! We got to talk to the owner for awhile, and that was really fun! Buuuuttt no dice on the class! She said she'd do some research for us on dance classes closer to us with people our age!

We went to lunch at this place...I can't remember the name of it...but you eat on a banana leaf! You are supposed to eat with your hands, buuuuuuuuttt i chickened out! Anyway. We went to get the kids breakfast for Sunday morning and got ice cream at this place called cream and fudge (they have donuts there that they wanted). It's really good! It's kind of like Marble Slab!

Anyway. I've loved getting to spend time with Lauren! I'll be so sad when she goes home in December!

So glad you're in Bangalore! 

Treasure Hunting...Roommates...

Thursday afternoons...Freda, Hannah, Lauren, Bethany and I will just do general treasure hunting. It was really really fun this last week! We all got the same word for the place to go. And, we saw someone come to know the Father. And we had several words of knowledge that were right on and several people had encounters...always so FUN!
Park where we went last week! There were people there...promise!

We have roommate dinners or brunches every's been fun to get to know them! 
Sara and Freda! Our other roommate is gone for a little bit! 


Surprisingly, I've felt pretty busy! It was so fast the first week I was here running around, they hadn't lived in our apartment very long, so we were still setting up house, as well as getting stuff for my room. I've had a mattress since day 4-ish. And I've been waiting for about 10 days for my bed. Should be here on Wednesday! I'll post pictures! Haven't done hardly any decorating...a girl who was here before, left me her bedding and I've been waiting on my bed and nightstand to come before I get anything else. I have a table as a make-shift desk. Not sure what else I should get...just doesn't seem worth it! I have a few pictures I brought that I'd like to put in frames (I didn't bring any) other than that...I think I'm good!

I've been getting up around 8 and get to the Franzen's around 10 to start school. We do school for a couple of hours and then walk somewhere local for lunch. We can all eat lunch for about $2 (total! CRAZY). But we like to go find college students at their lunch it's good for us to go to places close to campus! Usually steamed momo's and chicken fried rice :)

School ends around 1:30 or 2. Then depending on errands or people to meet up with, afternoons can be different. I have watched all the Johnson kids with Bethany and Tashi, and that's been fun. Meeting girls has proved more difficult than guys, but we're working on it! Freda, Hannah and I usually get together most afternoons to worship, etc.

Nights are always different. Tuesday nights are team times, and then we have one other night where we get together and try to pull in national partner's. And then Sunday afternoon we have started a hanging out with all the single people who are in Bangalore. And then, Sunday night we will have people over for dinner at the Franzen's after they play soccer.

That seems a little unorganized--probably because it is :) No day in India is ever the same!

School with Bethany and Tashi

Adventures In Bangalore...

Last Saturday...

Hannah, Lauren and I went out for a very interesting cultural experience. Sean Kingston came to Bangalore, and the people who would go are in the other team's people group. We just thought it would be fun to see what a concert in India would be like! It was very, um. shall we say, interesting. (aka--SKETCH)
It was packed in like sardines and we literally could not move as people shoved their way in and out of the room. We went to Ruby Tuesday before, which was fun and really good! (everyone was surprised we liked it--apparently it didn't used to be very good)

Hannah and proud of a fun dinner find! 

the guy who took this for us, saw them take the previous one and asked us to hold up the menu again...

Sean Kingston...packed in like sardines! 

We left about half -way through...we'd called a cab (you have to schedule cabs in advance...we didn't know the concert would be on Indian time--should've figured...but it started almost 2 hours late). The cab didn't show up so we ended up taking a rickshaw anyway! Overall an adventurous night! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fridays--Free Days...and a few fun things!

Well. Officially been landed in India for almost two weeks! The last two nights I have slept alllllll night, and feel great! So thankful to be finished with jet lag! Started school with the kids this week! It was interesting just starting to get into a sort of rhythm. We did school 4 days this week. And probably will continue to spend most of my week day mornings there!

In the past week, I've eaten so many different kinds of things and been to so so many places, I'm not sure I can even remember them all! I'm not a huge Indian food fan, but I like the blander varieties! I even managed to make chicken fried rice last night and my roommates ate it with one (except maybe me) is sick yet :)

We went to this palace called the Leela Palace for breakfast on Sunday, and it was so, so good! I took some pictures! There are a lot of really great places to go in the city that are refreshing and pretty!

Leela Palace

breakfast--such a great treat! 

A few of my favorite things from the week...
-trying all the Indian food at the Franzens (SPICY!)
-my really great mattress
-going treasure hunting with Lauren and ending up getting my eyebrows threaded!
-breakfast at the Leela Palace
-ordering pizza
-getting my bed ordered--I just gave them a pic of a pottery barn bed, hopefully it turns out good!
-going shopping on Brigade
-hard rock cafe, bengaluru
-MATTEO (maybe the greatest coffee, I've ever had)
-Indian tea! The Franzen's helper makes it for me every day when I get arrive for school. A.MAZING!
with Hannah at Matteo--so so good! 

I'm sure there are more, but those were just a few of the highlights! I love strategy meetings and hanging out with my roommates! Can't believe this is my job!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I was bored. On the airplane.

Blog #2—From the airplane.
I left Norman today. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I have honestly never felt so loved. I’ve had a surprise party, a super-lot of intentional time with people I LOVE, awesome meals at all my favorite places, and several prayer-sessions-also-known-as-cry-fests. The impromptu “send-off” Jason planned this morning was no exception. As if sending me out at a party and from the stage on Sunday morning were not enough, we needed one.last.goodbye. : ) I kid, but I have never felt so loved. I had surprise encouraging word after surprise encouraging word. One even fell out of my bag today when we were switching over some stuff from one bag to another to distribute the weight to avoid another baggage fee. (Blah. There were A LOT of baggage fees.) Anyway. My friends wrote me bazillions of encouragements, quotes, song lyrics : ), pictures, jokes, funny memories, and of course drawings from every child I hold near and dear to my heart. I felt so, so loved. I read them.twice. In the airport. I alternatively cried and laughed…both times. It’s fine.

My flight to Houston was short. I mostly stared out the window trying to hold myself together. Excited. But crying off and on. Not necessarily sad, but just remembering. Thinking about how everyone should get to experience being sent out the way I did. Everyone should know their community loves them. It truly will change the world. I think that there is no other option. The Body of Christ is truly beautiful. It is wonderful. I love it. I love it all over the world. I will lay my life down. Forever. For people to know the love of Jesus. He thought I was worth it. He thinks they’re worth it too. I am filled with anticipation. Excitement about whatever God has planned. Whatever my time looks like in India. I am already so thankful for this experience already.

So. When I landed in Houston, I went to get some lunch…the lady behind the counter kept apologizing for the people in front of me. Then, when I got up to the counter she said, “Are you flying for the church?” I answered sort of hesitantly, “well. I guess so. Yes. Why do you ask? (big smile)” She said, “You can just tell by how you’re acting. Thank you.” We talked about her day. Feels empty trying to describe it. But I was emotional, and thankful for the kind interaction.

I then spent 6 hours wandering around the Houston airport. Lesson #1: there’s a reason people take carry-on luggage with wheels. Yep. It may look nerdy. But it’s stupid not to. After about 5 hours of wandering, I meandered my way back to my gate. Almost as soon as I had sat down and plugged my phone in (I’d been on it literally all day. Sending all my last minute texts. : ) they called my name and asked me to come to the front. They went through allllll of my baggage claim tickets and needed to see all my receipts. As I stood there nervously, the lady behind the counter finally said, “Let me see your boarding passes. Let’s make sure you get a row to yourself!” VICTORY! I was so pumped. I’m getting to relax and since I can wear capris for jeans, I can lay completely down in my row. Favor. I felt God’s kindness literally alllll day. He feels so close. It’s been fun to be by myself (actually not by myself—but with the Holy Spirit as my travelling companion). Anyway. I’ve now been on the plane for 4 hours. I’ve been given hot towels, 3 pillow, 3 blankets, about 5 drinks, dinner, and no one will understand the joy this brought me. But Jesus really does care about funny little details. So. Ashley and Jason bought this cheese that I think is either made in Portland or Seattle, the whole time I lived with them, and I LOVE it. Carmen made fun of me the whole time I lived with her and Brooks because it’s called a loaf of cheese. Whatev. Anyway. Literally as I was meandering around the airport I thought about how much I was going to miss Tillamook cheese. So strange. But I did think it. It was just sort of a passing thought. But they handed out a menu (YES! A menu.) for dinner, let’s just say I was less than enthused because all of the main courses were weird (you know—Indian food). But LO-AND-BEHOLD when I got my food, I looked down and amidst all this weird food sat Tillamook cheese. Bahahaha. Just goes to show, the Holy Spirit knows our thoughts and cares about the details of our lives.

i was bored. and loved my cheese! 

My plane is nice. My dinner was fabulous. My friends and my community are more than fabulous. It has been the surprise of my life watching Jesus make this happen. Looking back I have no idea how it even happened. I didn’t do much. But He did. I would get random phone calls outlining what I should do next, and I would do them, and somehow I woke up this morning fully rested and ready to go. No idea. I feel like I didn’t do very much. I love my community. I am thankful that I am so loved for really no good reason!

My row...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

first post.

Just thought this would be a fun way to keep people updated on my life as I'm about to leave on an AWESOME adventure! I'll try to keep it updated. I have friends who do a good job at updating...and friends who don't. Ha. I'll try my best!

I was at a friend's house last night and for some strange reason, I picked up my cell phone to count the days until Sept. 15th...the day I'm hoping to get to leave the States for India! I realized that meant I was leaving in. 40. DAYS! CRAZY!

In the last couple of weeks I have felt so many different emotions about all of it, but after wondering what they all were about I think I realized I was grieving. I didn't really realize it until I had come into the final "acceptance" stage, but I really think that I have grieved leaving Norman. I LOVE my life here. I love my friends, my job, and all of the families I have gotten to be apart of. I have loved especially this last year watching God move and getting to a part of what He's doing in Norman and some many other places around the world! Somebody told me once that He doesn't move fast, but I think I have begun to wonder about this. This past year has been a whirlwind! BUT I have LOVED every second of it!

Well. I guess that's all for now!

Love everyone. Thanks for praying for me and loving me so well!


This is a picture of all my friends who went through a discipleship class called Equip with me! I love all of them so so much! To finish off our class we went on an outreach to Haiti together, and we had a WONDERFUL time! 

These are my friends the Hartsocks! Kourtney took this picture before we left for a conference with all of the missionaries from Antioch. I flew with them to Colorado for an awesome 10 days at Keystone! 

These were all of the people at the conference! It was really so so fun to get to see all of them and see how much they were really like a family! They are spread out all over the globe loving Jesus and His people, but it was like a family reunion when they all got together! It was so fun to watch them encourage each other! I couldn't help but think about how i would feel about seeing my discipleship class after we are all dispersed over the globe and how excited I would be to see them! I love so much that I got to be a part of this amazing week!