Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lunch on a Banana Leaf

Lauren and I spent the day yesterday trying to find an Indian dance class! I took my first rickshaw by myself to get to her house. For sure, got SO lost. I can never EVER again make fun of anyone directionally...I still haven't figured out how to get around here! Haha!

We took Chris and Libby's driver to take us to the class....too bad it turned out to be for 7-13 year olds! We got to talk to the owner for awhile, and that was really fun! Buuuuttt no dice on the class! She said she'd do some research for us on dance classes closer to us with people our age!

We went to lunch at this place...I can't remember the name of it...but you eat on a banana leaf! You are supposed to eat with your hands, buuuuuuuuttt i chickened out! Anyway. We went to get the kids breakfast for Sunday morning and got ice cream at this place called cream and fudge (they have donuts there that they wanted). It's really good! It's kind of like Marble Slab!

Anyway. I've loved getting to spend time with Lauren! I'll be so sad when she goes home in December!

So glad you're in Bangalore! 

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  1. Ah Brooke, we miss you! Sounds like India is amazing! Love you! K